Interior Designers | Interior Decorators | Kolkata Project | How to adjust 2 wardrobes in a single room?

Interior Designers | Interior Decorators | Kolkata Project | How to adjust 2 wardrobes in a single room?

Challenges are the medium to make creative juices flow more..

If you have a average sized bedroom but your requirement of wardrobe space is more the way you need to accommodate two wardrobes in a space thou not making the room look congested is through making modification with the design and this is where an interior designers role comes in.

Points that can make your requirement fulfilled without vandalizing the aesthetics of the overall design:

  1. The depth of the wardrobes would be between 12″ to 16″ to the maximum(depends on the size of the room.

      2. Make the wardrobe height around 8′ so it blends with the false ceiling and gives a look of continuity.

      3. At the edges of the wardrobe designed shelves to accommodate artifacts,pottery,plants with focus lights on        each section will surely reduce the bulkiness of 2 big Mammoths in a single plane.

Pics as below as an example:

      4. Design should be incorporated with vertical lines,silver stripes,steel platting,glass fitting on the wardrobe frontal horizontally to  get the continuity vista make it look less bulkier.

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Designing tips | Interior Designers | Interior Decorators


Designing tips | Interior Designers | Interior Decorators



Have you ever questioned why the lights go down in an exceedingly building, or why there are not any windows in restaurants,shopping malls or showrooms? What could appear like mindless coincidences are literally strategically crafted styles to control your subconscious. These common illusions ar used throughout public buildings cherish offices, restaurants, and hotels we have a tendency to visit daily. several of those tricks will even be tailored to into home style. Below are ten style steps which will cause you to analyze each area you walk into  through our Designing tips | Interior Designers | Interior Decorators

Blue Walls

Blue is alleged to market tranquility once used as a wall color, that is why it’s usually utilized in bedrooms to induce sleep. a relaxing blue is additionally conspicuously seen in spas and welfare centers to market relaxation before and when treatments.

Strategically Placed Mirrors

Mirrored walls aren’t only for fun homes and obsolete living accommodations closet doors. Thoughtfully placed mirrors in an exceedingly little area will produce the illusion of openness, fidgeting with the attitude of the area to make depth.

Black and White Floors

Studies have shown that the just a position of black and white across an oversized area subconsciously invokes your mind to suppose the ground is uneven and to maneuver quickly through the world. This manoeuvre is most typically seen in areas with loads of traffic, cherish a lobby, cafeteria, or lavatory.

Wallpaper Used as a Disguise

Everyone has seen a minimum of one show that has a hidden passageway behind a shelf that’s activated at the removal of a selected book. however what if that style wasn’t as far-fetched because it seems? What if similar ways were wont to hide a classified government bunker for many years in plain sight? The vine used painting wallpapered interiors to truly trick guests into not seeing what was right ahead of them. employing a false wall and really strategically placed wallpaper, designers were ready to produce the illusion of a solid wall.


Patterned Carpet

Patterned carpet has long been utilized in style to elongate hallways and build little areas look larger. The pattern attracts the attention outward, making the illusion of more room.

Green Eating Rooms

The color inexperienced is thought jointly of the best colours for the human eye to specialize in for Associate in Nursing extended amount of your time. Inexperienced is additionally aforesaid to be soothing and may evoke the sensation of hunger once used as a wall color, creating it the right shade for a eating area wherever meals will be protracted. Red is commonly related to hunger similarly however is best used for kitchens and busier eating institutions because it is a full of life color and influences a fast exit.

Room Temperature

It’s not simply you—the powers that be are cranking up the A/C, except for sensible reason. It’s a lot of easier to be lulled to sleep throughout an extended meeting in an exceedingly heat area than in an exceedingly chilly one. Bottom line: You’re progressing to would like that winter cardigan on the rear of your table chair all summer long.

Dim the Lights

As a building crosses from lunch into dinner, it’s common observe that the captain dims the lights. whereas several might imagine this can be to mimic the time of day, there’s another mind-tricking reason for the modification. Bright lighting invokes a full of life outlook, that creates turnover throughout the busier times of day. If you’ll notice, nutrition restaurants have bright lights day and night to encourage a fast visit. Dim lighting is comfy and invitations guests to get pleasure from a extended stay—or multiple courses and rounds of drinks.

Sales and smells

Have you ever walked into a food market, smelled recent bread,cookies or cakes and felt immediate hunger, however there’s no recent bread to be found? Several retail institutions are currently adding alluring scent machines placed in unseen corners to mimic the smell of breads, pastries, and even chocolate to trigger hunger, luring customers to buy quite they originally came in to shop for.


Windowless Rooms

Windowless rooms are most typically used as a manoeuvre to lose track of your time, and within the case of a retails pay extra money. Bathing these confined areas in heat tricks the mind into comfort, effortlessly permitting guests to forget the time. Taking advantage of the windowless manoeuvre, retails use busy floor cover and ceiling styles to force the attention toward diversion racks and products on showcase driving customers to buy.

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Book Shelf on wall

Why do you need an interior designer & interior decorator for your home or business?


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Why you need interior designer for your home or business?


Simplest solution: Interior Design offers a soul to a constructing or area and makes a space greater functional quality and livable.
Interior layout performs a huge role inside the everyday life. It introduces human beings to splendor, rest, and modernism. Interior design is an important approach this is given a excessive attention everywhere in the international in recent times. The significance of designing interiors allows the individual to learn a lot approximately the space, and the way humans sense cozy while being at a particular place and the use of its centers. Designing interiors makes people examine things around them in an open minded view. Designers see matters from extraordinary views due to their research and work environment. They give unique interest in customizing a design fit for the property/premises you are having.

Nowadays few people find various pics of interiors in social pin sites and asks the decorators/carpenters to do it to save few bucks but that results in design disaster at the end of the execution cause like the doctor recommends specific medicines for specific ailments,same the interior designers craft the customized designs respective to the dimension of the premises.

Years of research,study & knowledge makes an interior designer competent to understand your style,requirement views and budget to craft the best customized interior designs for your home or business.

In Feng Shui and Vastu interior designing, Feng Shui & Vastu allow you to harmonize your vibration with your private home’s vibration. It tells you how to set up your rooms, and the way to hold your vicinity. Everything has energy, even inanimate gadgets. Feng Shui & Vastu allows manual that vibration and let it float freely thru your own home.

Types of interior designing styles:

  • Modern
  • Contemporary
  • Minimalist
  • Industrial
  • Mid-Century Modern
  • Scandinavian
  • Traditional
  • Transitional
  • French Country
  • Bohemian
  • Rustic
  • Shaby Chic
  • Victorian
  • Coastal


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