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Interior Designers in Kolkata

We are a consortium of interior designers in kolkata  , interior decorators in kolkata and civil contractors in kolkata , India

We at ‘Estate Lookup Interiors’ provide turnkey customized interior designing & interior decoration services to our clients across India and few other neighbouring countries with our base in the city of joy,’Kolkata’.Types of properties that makes out as one of top interior designers in kolkata or as one of top interior decorators in kolkata are apartments from 1BHK.2BHK,3BHK,4BHK,5BHK or more,private houses,bugalows,row houses,etc, and appreciated by our market as top interior designers for home in Kolkata.

Our workmanship for furniture, false ceiling, flooring, paint & polish, electrical and plumbing work, civil alterations are highly skilled and let us stand as one of the top interior decorators in Kolkata.

Commercial property‘s interiors scope of work executed as cafe interior designers & decorators in Kolkataoffice  interior designers & decorators in Kolkatashowroom interior designers & decorators in Kolkatabanquet hall  interior designers & decorators in Kolkataguest house  interior designers & decorators in Kolkatacafe  interior designers & decorators in Kolkata,hotel  interior designers & decorators in Kolkatalounge  interior designers & decorators in Kolkata, jewellery shop interior designer in Kolkata, best interior designer in Kolkata for customized interior decoration. As being a civil contractor in Kolkata as‘Estate Lookup Infra’you get alteration and interior designing & interior decoration in Kolkata services in one place without any hassle of finding various contractors around.

Property types for our services:

Residential buildings

Apartments and flats






Retail chains, shops and


We are a consortium of interior designers in Kolkata, interior decorators in Kolkata and civil contractors in Kolkata, India with our clientele across the country and few outside the geographic borders. We work in line with the client’s resources or ours to achieve the client’s design intent. The leader of the whole process is the zeal to provide our clients the best of services.

The talent behind the reputation

Design your interior to be timeless, sustainable, efficient and beautiful.

We have quite energetic,experienced and young team in house along with many consultants & suppliers that assist us through out the whole process and because of the involvement in consortium we evaluate a property’s layout better and customize designing and decoration plan according to the specific requirement and style. We believe in single point of responsibility and design & build approach.

We perfectly align our services to the requirements of your home and your lifestyle, resulting in highly liveable, extremely attractive interiors that enhance the existing beauty of the structure and the surrounding environment.

What makes us stand out?
Out of box imagination in the field of interior designing & interior decoration with the confidence to make us blend contemporary interior design concept with vintage European interior design concepts. Because we understand that designing is not about making your property a wooden box but interior designing and interior decoration is all about making a residence habitable, attractive and also maintaining the sublime sense of openness feeling inside the premises resulting in not being one of the top interior decorators in Kolkata but also across the country.

Our Team

  • Abhijit Ray: With more than 10 years of combined experience into government & private civil project execution parallelly successfully completing of interior & exterior architecture designing & decoration of residential and commercial establishment. For him into interior designing & decoration business is not just a way of a profession but profession mixed with passion. His design understanding & concepts come from the creative mind & his project management skills come from the years of manning corporate affairs at core management level.


  • Somnath M: From being an intern with the zeal to learn the process,not accounting the extra hours that pass by,learned the niche of the industry and been sharing the same thought of the director that “every interior decoration and craftsmaship should be perfect and the skillful team of supervisors under him to follow the protocol.He is the one who coordinates and supervises our team of on-site supervisors .


  • Govinda M: With 10 years of experience into interior carpentry work supervision in Rajasthan & 12 years of the same in Mumbai, our team of carpenters are happy to work in an environment where they are appreciated for their excellent skills and if they have any work-related technical query, they know who to address that.


  • Vinny  Reddy: Acclaimed 3D designer who gets their real essence from the sketch provided by the aforesaid team members from the sketch board to presentable 3D format for our clients. Now why we said acclaimed? He has nominated and bagged few titles & awards for his 3D designing skills making us all proud for his round the clock effort to match deadline.


  • Sreestha Damani: Based in the lovely city of Bengaluru with her studio she is ‘Estate Lookup Interiors’ sole channel partner for interior & exterior architectural planning and implementation.Her inputs in design as per the latest updates and ongoing trend in the global market makes our company move in the parallel plane with the global design scenario.


  • The team of in-house Civil Labours, Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Painters, False Ceiling Labours, etc who understands that they are in such a forum where they can work in a comfortable environment where their work gets appreciated and scope of small rectifications are accepted and understood. And as we know people in a pleasant environment performs better.

       Services Offered:

  • Designing & Consultation

  • 2D Designing

  • 3D Designing

  • Cad Drawing

  • Graphics Designing

  • Turnkey Interior Projects

  • Planning & Designing

  • Interior designing & decoration of residential houses, flats, bungalows

  • Office architectural designing & implementation 

  • Showroom, restaurant, hotels interior designing & decoration

  • Civil contractual construction (Turnkey or Section Wise), renovation, repairing, paint job, structural modification, plumbing, electrical, casting, brickwork, tile laying, marble laying, Italian marble laying and other related to civil construction work done by our sister concern (Estate Lookup Infra)


The process to get started with the respective scope of work:


  1. KYC: We ask our clients with queries to understand more profound about the work and what they are looking for and the budget within which the work to be completed REQUEST CONSULTATION


  1. Measurement & CAD: We ask our client for a physical measurement of the premises and take photographs and present them with CAD drawing.
  1. Interior Architecture/Designing in 3 Dimensional Presentation: Based on the CAD drawing we ask our clients to go for the 3 Dimensional Drawing which assists in getting the exact preview of the final outcome which is optional.
  • 3D Max with Vray Rendering, Sketch-up and others.


  1. Quotation Process: On approval of the final design with the measurement of furniture and decor items(both non-movable or movable we get the client with the final quotation (itemized) of the work to be executed.


  1. Contract Signing & Inception of Project Execution: On acceptance of the quotation we present the client with the ‘Contract’ which needs to be signed and we will take 1-3 days for the logistic of materials and deployment of the craftsmen’s team to the site.


  1. We appoint supervisors in each of our sites to cross verify the work in execution to maintain highest possible quality, time management and verifying of the materials transported by the ‘Vendor’ or ‘Dealer’ and the videos been forwarded to us which we forward to our clients in anticipation of how the work is in transition.


The USPs that makes us get repeat clients:

  • Rates: We charge not on the total sq.ft. rates what is a practice in the market but clients pay for the unit we work on. All rates are crystal to understand.
  • Time Commitment: Till now we have delivered our project within time but sometimes due to circumstances may be 7 days earlier or 7 days extra.
  • Craftsmanship: All our craftsmen and labours have years of experience and executed work Pan India and very much proficient with their line of duties. As having our in-house workforce we have the advantage of having full control on their activities and from time to time their skills are upgraded through new trends & craftsmanship by training by our Head Labour resulting in them & us to successfully any project with any complexity if it is present. We also work for other noted names in India in the same trade as outsource contractor for the projects.
  • Designing/Architecture: We never follow the trend of making copies of other projects. All our designing comes first in mind taking in consideration of the layout and purpose, discussing it with the client, crafting a theme based on the client’s fancy for residential and based on the client’s nature of business in case of business followed by then projecting it on the drawing board.


Go ahead and give us a call with enquiries related to interior designing & interior decoration  at  +91-9874978850



Service Locations to experience our best of services as experienced by our clients 

West India:

  1. Interior Designers in Maharashtra / Interior Decorators in Maharastra

  2. Interior Designers in Mumbai / Interior Decorators in Mumbai

  3. Interior Designers in Navi Mumbai / Interior Decorators in Navi Mumbai

  4. Interior Designers in Pune / Interior Decorators in Pune

  5. Interior Designers in Goa / Interior Decorators in Goa

  6. Interior Designers in Rajasthan / Interior Decorators in Rajasthan

  7. Interior Designers in Jaipur / Interior Decorators in Jaipur

  8. Interior Designers in Gujrat / Interior Decorators in Gujrat

  9. Interior Designers in Ahmedabad / Interior Decorators in Ahmedabad

  10. Interior Designers in Daman & Diu / Interior Decorators in Daman & Diu

North India:

  1. Interior Designers in Delhi / Interior Decorators in Delhi

  2. Interior Designers in Chandigarh / Interior Decorators in Chandigarh

  3. Interior Designers in Noida / Interior Decorators in Noida

  4. Interior Designers in Punjab / Interior Decorators in Punjab

  5. Interior Designers in Shimla / Interior Decorators in Shimla

  6. Interior Designers in Kasauli / Interior Decorators in Kasauli

  7. Interior Designers in Manali / Interior Decorators in Manali

  8. Interior Designers in Uttarakhand / Interior Decorators in Uttarakhand

  9. Interior Designers in Nainital / Interior Decorators in Nainital

  10. Interior Designers in Bihar / Interior Decorators in Bihar

East & North East India:

  1. Interior Designers in Kolkata / Interior Decorators in Kolkata

  2. Interior Designers in Rajarhat / Interior Decorators in Rajarhat

  3. Interior Designers in Hoogly / Interior Decorators in Hoogly

  4. Interior Designers in Midnapur / Interior Decorators in Midnapur

  5. Interior Designers in Howrah / Interior Decorators in Howrah

  6. Interior Designers in Burdwan / Interior Decorators in Burdwan

  7. Interior Designers in Durgapur / Interior Decorators in Durgapur

  8. Interior Designers in Asansol / Interior Decorators in Asansol

  9. Interior Designers in Siliguri / Interior Decorators in Siliguri

  10. Interior Designers in Darjeeling  / Interior Decorators in Darjeeling

  11. Interior Designers in Sikkim / Interior Decorators in Sikkim

  12. Interior Designers in Gangtok / Interior Decorators in Gangtok

  13. Interior Designers in Guwahati / Interior Decorators in Guwahati

  14. Interior Designers in Jharkhand / Interior Decorators in Jharkhand

  15. Interior Designers in Orissa / Interior Decorators in Orissa

  16. Interior Designers in Bhubaneswar / Interior Decorators in Bhubaneswar

  17. Interior Designers in Puri / Interior Decorators in Puri

Central India:

  1. Interior Designers in Madhya Pradesh / Interior Decorators in Madhya Pradesh

  2. Interior Designers in Chattisgarh / Interior Decorators in Chattisgarh

South India:

  1. Interior Designers in Chennai / Interior Decorators in Chennai

  2. Interior Designers in Bengaluru / Interior Decorators in Bengaluru

  3. Interior Designers in Hyderabad / Interior Decorators in Hyderabad

  4. Interior Designers in Secundrabad / Interior Decorators in Secundrabad

  5. Interior Designers in Kerala / Interior Decorators in Kerala

  6. Interior Designers in Karnataka / Interior Decorators in Karnataka

  7. Interior Designers in Vishakhapatnam / Interior Decorators in Vishakhapatnam

  8. Interior Designers in Ooty / Interior Decorators in Ooty

  9. Interior Designers in Vizag / Interior Decorators in Vizag

Few Neighboring Countries we had served:

  1. Interior Designers in Bhutan / Interior Decorators in Bhutan

  2. Interior Designers in Abu Dhabi

Few of our corporate clients:

  • Enkebee Infrastructure
  • Century Ply Ltd
  • TVS Automobile Ltd
  • Glenmark
  • P & G
  • Pidlite
  • Aditya Birla Group
  • Tata Tele Services
  • Apple Service Centre
  • HDFC Bank
  • Prosys
  • Bacardi
  • Pantaloons
  • Big Bazar, and others to name a few.

Feel free to get in touch with us related to interior designing and interior decoration services.


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Estate Lookup Interiors

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