Modular Kitchen Kolkata


Modular Kitchen Kolkata:
Are you planning to get a modular kitchen with state of the art best quality materials and look that can compliment your sense of style?
Then please go through the few points when pre-planning a modular kitchen for your home including price ideas and as per the city of Kolkata.

  1. Hire a designer:When you are planning for a modular kitchen which will be your companion for a longer time, assisting you to organize your crockery, utensils, electrical like kitchen chimneys, burners, juicer mixer grinder, microwave oven, water filter/RO filters, fridge or refrigerator,etc try to hire an interior designer or well skilled modular contractor who will get everything sketched a
  2. nd planned as per your requirement or property layout.

Here are some actual pics from one of our sites as below:

2.Start with civil and plumbing work: Civil work like breaking of walls for island kitchen, Electrical lines and socket boards as per your requirement,change of tiles and countertop if required,plumbing job if any.

  1. Material Selection:When planning for modular kitchen get an expert interior contractor. As Estate Lookup Interiors one of top interior designers in Kolkata and contractors in Kolkata we just don’t believe in keeping the client in shades of the operational nitty gritty but discuss about the differences of various materials, their warranties, their durability,etc.We understand one of the major factors when planning an interior is the BUDGET and keeping that in mind we give advice and also mention on the contract the specification and material details crystal.
  2. Don’t get lured by cheapest price: “All that shines is not gold”.Few so called interior contractors, carpenters nowadays offers you a modular kitchen in Kolkata at a unattainable rates which may look impressive e.g. Rs.1000/sq.ft. with branded materials that won’t sustain for long due to the wet and humid environments the kitchens are. First try to get the figures like you are charged in sq.ft. rates,means the height multiplied by the width but when you are building the actual modular kitchen unit you need to count the height,width,upper platforms,lower base,sides,shelves,modular kitchen shutters,lamination,fittings(should be of standard quality), baskets,their logistics,etc.So, with all this along with labour cost it is not possible to provide a standard or good quality.
    Also modular kitchen made out of MDF is a straight no,may be they cost you a fraction more or less and fast to get assembled but ultimately you need to have a fancy of spending money again in an year or two.

Why Estate Lookup Interiors?
(a) We provide free advisory services as an interior designer in Kolkata and won’t charge anything for discussion and visits.
(b) Presence of our services and quality is parallel to our work quality across India getting us the title by top10s list as one of ‘Top 10 interior decorators in India 2018-19) based on quality, client feedbacks, maintaining completion timelines, and being budget friendly.
(c) All our clients are happy and satisfied with our services and so we offer potential clients live site visits with the consent of the respected property owner.
Moral of the story: If we can bring some good work ethics and quality through our work all clients understand the value and wants us to grow whole heartedly.

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